December 22, 2021

5 reasons to have a weekday wedding or elopement


While a weekend wedding might be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of what date to pick, weekday weddings are becoming more and more common and have so many benefits, below I'll list just a few!

1. Less of a crowd! If you’re getting married during the Fall like many couples like to in New England, then it is going to be MUCH less busy on a weekday. If you are having a larger wedding day at a booked venue, this isn't much of an issue since it's usually private, but for most elopements you'll be outside either in a state/national park where there can be people walking around. Venues will also have much more availability for weekdays during busier wedding months. *Tuesdays/Wednesdays tend to be the least busy days since they don’t border on a weekend.

2. Lodging is Cheaper. This is an area where it can be fun to splurge on, there's tons of awesome Airbnbs and Inns to stay at for your wedding night (or make a few nights of it for a little getaway). Planning mid-week can save you quite a bit of money and help you find more options for spaces that are booked out during weekends. You’ll have better luck getting your dream hotel or getting space for you and your guests at that cute boutique hotel you love. A lot of lodging ends up being anywhere from 25-50% cheaper from Sunday-Thursday.

3. More options for vendors. Planning for a weekday can ensure you have more options for which vendors you'd like to choose from. There’s also a ton of restaurant options! Many couples like to share a nice meal with their family members after their small wedding day festivities. Some vendors even offer small discounts for weekday weddings!

4. You can plan a wedding faster! Most venues and vendors get booked out usually a year in advance, so it's a lot easier to have a shorter turnaround time for wedding planning when aiming for a weekday. If you decide last minute you want to elope next month, you could potentially be able to find a good amount of vendors still available!

5. More flexibility with date. This one might seem obvious, but there are more weekdays than weekends to choose from! If you have your heart set on a date in prime fall foliage season, you'll have to book your vendors around year out for a weekend wedding, but will have much more flexibility with weekdays.