how to plan your dream elopement

 Did you decide to elope instead of having a traditional wedding? I'm so excited for you! I think eloping is the most meaningful way to get married! I decided to create a list of things for you to consider when you're eloping to help you out. I want to go over things to help you figure out what spot would be best for you, along with the technical stuff such as permits and marriage laws, as well as a few important things to keep in mind!

#1 Start DREAMING! Think about places that are special to you or maybe a place you've never been before!

+ Have a hike that has significance to your love story?

+ Do you want a certain view? Beach, desert, woods or mountain?

+ What kind of weather do you imagine being surrounded by?
+ Or have absolutely no clue? No problem, I'd love to help!

#2 Do your RESEARCH. Once you pick a location or deciding between two separate locations, start figuring the details to make it happen. Here is a list of things you should consider:

+ What are the marriage laws and requirements?
+ Do you need a permit to get photos taken there?
+ Do you need a permit to set up a ceremony arch or decor?
+ What is the weather like at that time of year?
+ What time does the sunset that time of year?
+ Are dogs allowed? In case you want to bring your fur babies!

#3 Figure out the DETAILS. This is when you have to make those choices of who, what, when.

+ If you want to invite your closest friends and family, perfect! If you would rather it be just you two (and me!) no problem!

+ Will you have a dinner/drink/dessert after? If so what and how will you make that happen. Maybe that means packing marshmallows and chocolate in your pack for s'mores at the campfire to end your elopement day, or hiring a private chef.

+ What activities do you want to do on your elopement day? Spa day, hiking, camping, swimming, skiing, the list is endless! Try to choose things that you two LOVE to do together.

+ Decide who will marry you. Do you want an ordained minister, your dad, best friend or even I can marry you? Getting ordained is surprisingly easy!

#4 Start BOOKING! But first, don’t worry out if you don’t have it all figured out, I will help you! I would be happy to send over my top vendor recommendations if you aren't sure yet.

+ Find flower shops near that area.
+ Local make-up artists or hair stylists. (or you can also just do that yourself!)
+ Book your food or make it yourself!
+ If you haven’t already... now is the time to book your photographer for the day!

#5 Relax! There is no need to stress this. If you are ever at the point that you feel overwhelmed contact me! I am more than happy to talk things through with all my couples.

+ Don’t let anyone guilt trip you for choosing to elope. This is a day about YOU and YOUR LOVE not anyone else. Don’t loose focus on what this is all about!

My hope for you is that you are able to create a day that lights your heart on fire! There is something so brave about ditching the big wedding stress and choosing a day that truly reflects you and your love. I hope this guide helps bring you closer to living out your dream elopement!

Be sure to check out my other blog posts about elopements for more photos and information that go further into these topics!

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